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Affiliate Benefits

You stand to make 65 percent commission, or approximately $17.36, on a book that really helps people cut through the confusion that surrounds this topic, and shows them what protective measures they can take to prepare for the current pandemic and any future pandemic.

Before we get to the details, let me take a minute to explain why promoting this product is going to benefit you. You and I both know that the quality of the majority of affiliate-promoted ebooks is pretty darn poor. Well, I can guarantee that this is not the case here.

When you promote Survive Pandemic Flu you will not secretly feel that you are pushing some suspect product that you would never promote to people you know, let alone buy yourself. The ebook is carefully researched and was written by someone (me) who has been actively interested in the topic since 1995. In fact I spent several years looking into every aspect of influenza as I prepared to write my first novel. I drew upon my training as a scientist to learn everything I could about this wiley microbe, and much of what I learned back then helped me to put the current book together.

So, the bottom line is that you are going to be promoting a quality product which you can feel good about.

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Ebook Cover Art

Here is the cover of the book, reproduced in a few different sizes for you to grab and insert into your promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are You Hyping The Pandemic Threat Simply To Sell Your Book?

No. Pandemic influenza has the potential to be just as deadly to us today as it has demonstrated itself to be in episodes past. None of the fundamental biology of influenza pandemics has changed over the centuries, so we are just as exposed today. While it is true that we understand the science so much better, human behavior has not changed all that much with regard to dealing with crisis events. We simply are not mentally prepared for these, and we make many of the same mistakes each time we are faced with a pending disaster. Educating ourselves, which is the aim of Survive Pandemic Flu, is one of the best ways to prepare and protect ourselves against threats of this nature.

2. What Is The Best Promotion Strategy For This Product?

Because Survive Pandemic Flu is NOT priced very highly I recommend that you do NOT use costly PPC campaigns as a promotion strategy. The exception would be if you can find a way to get really cheap clicks (say for 5 cents or less). So while PPC is possible, I would say it requires some ingenuity, and you are better off promoting the book through existing email lists, and by using sites that allow you to add web copy - like Squidoo, Hubpages, WetPaint, and the like.

3. How Can I Be Sure That I'll Get Paid On Time - Or At All?

ClickBank manages the affiliate program for my ebook. So the customer actually pays ClickBank directly and they in turn pay you. That means your commission is credited to you the moment the sale is processed. You're never waiting on me to pay you. ClickBank pays you every two weeks, like clockwork.

Affiliate Conduct

Before you promote my product, I only have one request: Please don't "spam" people.

And I'm not just talking about the illegal kind (see the clarification on spamming below).

I'm also talking about the overall approach taken to promoting my product. Please make sure that you are not being overly "hypey" when you contact your subscribers or client-base, publish ads/articles or otherwise drive targeted traffic.

Your target audience is huge, since a pandemic threatens everyone in the community. You simply need to point people towards the sales page and remind them that nobody is immune, and that education is their number one means to avoid having to deal with the fallout of a pandemic that overtakes their community. If you simply do that there is a very good chance that your traffic will convert. I can guarantee that if Survive Pandemic Flu has competitors, they cannot hold a candle to the content found in this book - a simple consequence of the fact that very few writers have a good understanding of this complex subject, and I happen to be one of them.

Thanks so much in advance for your promotional efforts.

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