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This web site is home for the ebook Survive Pandemic Flu: Understand and Protect Against Novel Strains Of Influenza.

The book was written after it became apparent that most of the online information that I was reading about pandemic flu strains was either total nonsense, or it was decent material but it was difficult to find. I decided that my background in this area was sufficiently developed that I could pull together all of the really important things that people should know about pandemic influenza and summarize them in a short book.

So that is what Survive Pandemic Flu is about in a nutshell - how to understand the important ideas about bird flu and swine flu, and what to do to reduce the likelihood that you or your family will be affected by them in the event that the disease appears in your neighborhood.

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The cost to obtain a license for a single reader is $29.95 and the book can be downloaded from this page:

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